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TCA 100 Club 2019

Thank You to the taiko groups who have joined the 100 Club: 100% of their members are 2019 TCA members! If you believe that your logo belongs here, please send your group roster and the name and email address for a group contact person to: membership@taikocommunityalliance.org

Soh Daiko’s 100 Club Reign: Their Top 5 Reasons for Joining TCA

New York’s Soh Daiko has been one of TCA’s biggest supporters.  Since our original, charter membership drive in 2013, Soh Daiko has consistently remained in THE 100 CLUB, meaning 100% of their current group members are also members of TCA.  As amazing ambassadors of TCA, they have compiled their top 5 reasons for joining TCA!...

100 Club Membership

Has everyone in your taiko group become a charter member of TCA? Become part of the TCA 100 Club by encouraging all members of your group to join!! Once everyone in your group has pledged his or her charter membership, fill out the webform below to add your group’s name to the TCA 100 Club!!...