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Membership Campaign 2016 Wrap-Up

Our membership campaign in 2016 is over. Thank you to all who joined! Because of you we were able to meet our California Arts Council grant match. As a TCA member you will receive discounted and early registration to NATC 2017, and access to our new Partners Program. And a few lucky TCA members

Thank you everyone! We’ve matched our CAC Grant!

Thanks to your generosity, TCA has matched our California Arts Council Grant for 2016!  Our membership campaign has officially raised over $22,000 to date. Earlier this year, TCA was one of 28 organizations in California to be awarded $21,050 as part of the Statewide and Regional Networks (SRN) Program from the California Arts Council.  The SRN program […]

The Obon Project

Obon, or “Bon Odori” are Japanese Buddhist festivals held each summer to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. Most obon festivals in North America feature art showcases, food stands, taiko performances, and most importantly bon odori. TCA’s Obon Project collected videos to showcase different obon festivals throughout North America. Click on the link

Fundraiser: Togen Daiko 20th Anniversary Concert

Togen Daiko is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a concert on November 5th.  They have a special program that allows attendees to have 50% of their ticket price donated to TCA! TOGEN DAIKO 20TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT Saturday, November 5, 2016 3:00 P.M., Open Seating Doors open at 2:30 PM. Oxnard High School Performing Arts Theater 3400 W GONZALES […]

Soh Daiko’s 100 Club Reign: Their Top 5 Reasons for Joining TCA

New York’s Soh Daiko has been one of TCA’s biggest supporters.  Since our original, charter membership drive in 2013, Soh Daiko has consistently remained in THE 100 CLUB, meaning 100% of their current group members are also members of TCA.  As amazing ambassadors of TCA, they have compiled their top 5 reasons for joining TCA! […]

Taikothon 2016: Generation Taiko

Watch Taikothon 2016 again: Generation Taiko. Domo Arigato! and Otsukaresama to our amazing Taikothon team! From 2:00pm to 6:00pm PST on Sunday, October 16th, 2016, TCA volunteers gathered in San Diego for our fourth annual Taikothon.  They featured taiko segments, performances, and snapshots from the community. The NATC local host committee members were great hosts and

State of the Art: Taiko Census 2016

The State of the Art webinar is concluded, and can be viewed here. DATE: SATURDAY 9.24.2016 TIME:  12:00pm Pacific Time Join our Taiko Census Analytics team for a review of the 2016 Taiko Census results!  How many taiko groups are there? How much money do taiko players spend on their hobby each year? How do […]

TCA Helps Collegiate Taiko

Every year, one collegiate taiko group welcomes the collegiate taiko community to their college campus to learn from the masters of the art form and share what each group has accomplished. This is the Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational, started in 1995 focusing on west coast collegiate groups. Yet, with no institutional memory, each time a school […]

Summer 2016 Taiko Intensives and Gatherings

NATC takes place every other summer to free up time for other trainings in non-Conference years. Here are just a few of the opportunities the North American taiko community is creating for you to level up this summer! California San Jose Taiko Weekend Intensive: June 10-12, 2016, San Jose: Advanced instruction in soloing, shime technique, […]