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2017 Year End Lookback

2017 was a huge year for TCA.  Check out the list below for a lookback at some of this year’s highlights!  Any way you slice it, 2017 was a whirlwind of excitement, and we cannot thank you enough for being part of our community. NORTH AMERICAN TAIKO CONFERENCE During the weekend of August

NATC 2017 Evaluation

The North American Taiko Conference (NATC) 2017 attracted more than 700 participants from eight countries. Taiko Community Alliance endeavoured to capture and honor the experiences of those who took part while learning valuable lessons for the next iteration of the conference. NATC 2017 was therefore evaluated slightly differently in comparison to past conferences, and the...

2017 Taikothon Winners

  Thank you so much to all of you for your support! Check out our list of raffle prize winners below, and thanks again for supporting the Taiko Community Alliance! Use the link (above) to watch the archived Taikothon recordings. TAIKOTHON RAFFLE PRIZES! Winners of TCA Prize Packs (TCA shopping bag, NATC 17 tenugui, and sunglasses)...

Taikothon 2017: Then and Now

Relive Taikothon 2017 here: Then And Now – Celebrating 50 Years of North American Taiko This year, TCA dedicated Taikothon as a place of celebration for 50 years of taiko in North America and asked the community to share their thoughts: Reflecting back on the past 50 years, what stands out to you? Who has...

Recording Taiko with Chung Wan Choi

Quality audio and visual recordings of taiko can be challenging to create.  TCA has sought professional advice from experienced sound recording specialist Chung Wan Choi. Watch his presentation here: Recording Taiko with Chung Wan Choi.

TCA at ECTC 2017

This is a report submitted by Jane Lin, Co-Chair of the Program Committee, and Collegiate Taiko Advisory Group (CTAG) lead.  Earlier this month, I traveled across the United States with Linda Uyechi, Jun Daiko member and Stanford Taiko faculty advisor, to attend the 2017 East Coast Taiko Conference hosted by Gendo Taiko in Providence, Rhode Island....

TCA Board 2017 Retreat

Last weekend, February 11th and 12th, the TCA Board of Directors from across North America gathered at an AirBnB in Los Angeles, CA for the annual TCA board retreat. The weekend was full of meaningful presentations and conversations about TCA’s present state of affairs and plans to build a strong infrastructure for the organization.  Feedback from board...

Costuming 101: Momohiki

Join Yuu Ishizuka and Ai Matsuda as they present Costuming 101, an informative series from Japan produced for TCA. In this three-part sequence, Yuu-san explains the history of momohiki, also known as matahiki or nagapachi, traditional Japanese work trousers.