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TCA Board Advances During 2019 Retreat

Gathering in Portland this year, the TCA board retreat and annual meeting spanned two days: one day before the start of NATC 2019 and the day after the conference closed. The board filled the days with a packed agenda. Alan and Wisa, longest standing members of TCA on the board, recapped the

TCA Board 2017 Retreat

Last weekend, February 11th and 12th, the TCA Board of Directors from across North America gathered at an AirBnB in Los Angeles, CA for the annual TCA board retreat. The weekend was full of meaningful presentations and conversations about TCA’s present state of affairs and plans to build a strong infrastructure for the organization.  Feedback from board...

TCA 2016 Board Retreat

Last month, TCA Board members got together to “advance” the art of taiko at the annual TCA board retreat.  The board gathered for two days of meetings, activities, and strategic planning to ensure a strong future for the organization. Later this year, we will start implementing some of the programs and events from the retreat....