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The Taiko Network – How Our Community is Connected

Have you ever thought about how we are all connected in the taiko community? As promised, Taiko Census team member Josh Yoon utilized data collected from our 2020 Taiko Census and generated our first-ever Taiko Social Network – a visual representation of the ties we share as taiko players in an

50th Anniversary Projects: Taiko Then, Taiko Now, Taiko And

In 1968 Tanaka-sensei became the first taiko practitioner to start a kumidaiko group outside of Japan. 50 years later the taiko community has grown to include hundreds of taiko groups in locations that encircle the globe. In 2018 TCA kicked off a cluster of projects to celebrate 50 years of taiko in North America. Intended not only to celebrate the […]

State of the Art: Taiko Census 2016

The State of the Art webinar is concluded, and can be viewed here. DATE: SATURDAY 9.24.2016 TIME:  12:00pm Pacific Time Join our Taiko Census Analytics team for a review of the 2016 Taiko Census results!  How many taiko groups are there? How much money do taiko players spend on their hobby each year? How do […]

TCA Helps Collegiate Taiko

Every year, one collegiate taiko group welcomes the collegiate taiko community to their college campus to learn from the masters of the art form and share what each group has accomplished. This is the Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational, started in 1995 focusing on west coast collegiate groups. Yet, with no institutional memory, each time a school […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Taiko in Europe

In February 2016, the very first European Taiko Conference took place in Devon, England. Conceived and instigated by Jonathan Kirby, founder of Kagemusha Taiko, the four day event saw players from ten European countries, Japan, and the United States come together to celebrate the art form in Europe. There was also an appetite to better […]

Taiko Census: Six Degrees of Tanaka Sensei

When you share your Taiko Profile on the TCA Taiko Census you support the Taiko Mapping Project (TMP). TMP is the TCA-sponsored project to capture the spread of taiko — player by player — by asking two simple questions: (1) What group(s) have you played with? (2) When did you play with them? Taiko is […]

Taiko Census: Be Counted in 2016

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the census!  We will be sharing the results from the census later this year, so keep your eyes posted on our events page and our TCA Beat newsletters for more information! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO #GETCOUNTED! Print out our downloadable #countmein or #imcounted flyer and take a […]

Introducing the Taiko Census 2016

The 2016 Taiko Census is the primary initiative of the Taiko Community Alliance (TCA) in 2016. The Census is a comprehensive collection of data from all taiko players. It is a follow-up to the 2013 TCA Taiko Census (why do you play? how is your group organized? how can TCA serve you?), and not anticipated […]

TCA Launch: Taiko Census 2013

  This census is closed. TCA is conducting a large-scale survey of the taiko community in preparation for the TCA Launch Meeting in August. We are calling it a “Taiko Census” because we want EVERYONE who plays taiko to answer the survey. It will only be available from July 24 to August 7, 2013, so […]