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TCA Launch: Closing Reflections

The TCA Launch Meeting Closing Session began with time for individual reflection. Participants entered the room and had the chance to write on the walls their answers to three questions: The answers to these questions are transcribed here: Personal Reflections Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason read a few

TCA Launch: Timelining to NATC 15

During a working lunch period on Sunday, the Launch Meeting Participants split up into four groups, based on their primary interests: TCA Organizational Issues Planning for NATC 2015 Masters’ Retreat Tech Resource Hub The groups had approximately 1 hour to create a 2-year timeline leading up to August 2015. Each group was given a different […]

TCA Launch: Governance Discussion

On Sunday morning after the “Mergers and Acquisitions” session, the Launch Meeting participants had a chance to give input on TCA governance issues. Our facilitator Gayle first gave a presentation on the importance of organizational structures and shared different types of nonprofit models. Then, two questions were put to the group to discuss: How might we […]

TCA Launch: Jam Session at the Bing

After dinner on Saturday, Steve Sano led participants in a tour of the new Bing Concert Hall, which opened in January 2013 as the new home for music performance at Stanford. Bing is also home to a brand new set of Miyamoto concert taiko drums, which were acquired as part of the concert hall’s resident […]

TCA Launch: Improvisation Workshop

The Improvisation Workshop was presented in simultaneous sessions with the Design Thinking workshop on Saturday afternoon. This session was designed as an opportunity for Launch Meeting participants to experience new and different ways to approach the art and craft of improvisation. Mark Applebaum, Stanford Associate Professor of Composition, acclaimed experimentalist

TCA Launch: Core Values Discussion

Part 1 The discussion on core values began on Friday afternoon. Participants were introduced to the concepts of core values, then focused on one of the “word clouds” produced by the census results. Using the “World Cafe” discussion model, the participants responded to the word cloud on “Why do you play Taiko?” They first discussed […]

TCA Launch: Census Results

After the Opening Session, the Launch Meeting Participants were introduced to Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason, who would serve as the meeting facilitator for the rest of the weekend. Gayle is a coach, consultant and former university instructor with over 25 years of experience administering, teaching and consulting in the education and not-for-profit worlds. With degrees in

TCA Launch: Meeting Participants

Meeting Attendees George Abe – Kinnara Taiko Katsuji Asano – Asano Taiko US Ian Berve – Stanford Taiko Jennifer Caballero – Las Vegas Kaminari Jon Campbell – Denver Taiko Jacob Derksen – Uminari Taiko Katie Doi – Stanford Taiko Donna Ebata – Kinnara Taiko/KASA Sandi Fanning – Kenshin Taiko Michelle Fujii –

TCA Launch: Opening Session

Livestream of the TCA Launch is archived here: TCA Launch Meeting The TCA Launch Meeting opened with an official welcome from Geoff Noone, the TCA Launch Meeting Coordinator. Alan Okada, member of the TCA Advisory Board, then introduced the purpose of the TCA Launch Meeting and outlined the desired outcomes for the weekend. This was […]

TCA Launch: Design Thinking Workshop

The Design Thinking workshop was presented in simultaneous sessions with the Improvisation Workshop on Saturday afternoon. The purpose of the workshop was to help generate new ideas and projects that the TCA could undertake to serve the taiko community. This workshop was organized and led by Susan Yuen. Prior to arriving at the meeting, participants […]