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TCA’s Data Team 2015

TCA is grateful to have many dedicated volunteers committed to empowering the people and advancing the art of taiko.  This week, we’d like to feature a key group of volunteers who are working to make sure that TCA’s membership data remains clean and organized.  The TCA Data Team

Transition Committee Completes Its Work

For more than 18 months, TCA’s Transition Committee has been instrumental in our development as a nonprofit organization. With the hiring of an Executive Director in 2014 and with the final approval by the Transitional Board of Directors of our revised By-Laws this past week, the Committee has successfully completed its purpose and will sunset....

TCA’s 501c3 Status is APPROVED!

Within the last 24 hours, we’ve received official notice from the IRS that our 501c3 application has been approved! Now, all your pledge donations will be tax deductible by the Taiko Community Alliance. We want to express thanks to MarinLink for helping us get this far, and send special thanks to the TCA Nonprofit Committee:...