Taikothon Performance Video Submissions!

Submission Length:
– 15 minutes. We will consider multiple segments upon direct request.
– If you are collaborating with another group for 15 minutes, please list both groups on the submission form (link below)

– Can vary from mini concerts, tours of your facility, to an online lesson or workshop.
– Feel free to insert promotions about your own upcoming performances, classes, or website.
– Your performance can be relaxed. It’s okay to film at a rehearsal where everyone isn’t in costume.
– Please have someone introduce your group, and your piece(s)
– At the end of your video, take some time to promote TCA and encourage people to join or donate by visiting taikocommunityalliance.org
– Have fun with it! This is your opportunity to show the taiko world your taiko reality. For 15 minutes.

Important Dates and Deadlines:
– Submission deadline: MIDNIGHT on Wednesday, December 10th via webform posted below.
– Taiko-thon date: Saturday, December 13


QUESTIONS??? Contact us at info@taikocommunityalliance,org.