#Taikostory for Taikothon!

Everyone has a reason for playing taiko, and everyone has some amazing stories to share!! For this year’s Taikothon, TCA wants to hear all your awesome Taiko Stories!

You can submit using TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or using the Webform below. We are collecting video shorts or plain text! Tune in to the Taikothon LIVE on Saturday December 13th to see your videos and hear your stories read live on the air!


#WhyIplaytaiko: Why do you choose to play taiko? Is it the energy? The challenge of music and movement? Is it the potlucks and food?

#TaikoFail: We’ve all been there… totally dropped the ji at the wrong time? Started playing the wrong pattern in the middle of your annual concert? Completely mis counted your solo and ended early? Embrace your funniest taiko fails and share with us!

#BestNATCMoment: As we launch NATC registration, we want to know what your favorite NATC memories are! Did you finally get to meet Seiichi Tanaka? Did you learn an awesome song or drill that changed the way you think about taiko? Did you meet awesome people and make lifelong friends? Let us know!

To share your stories via Twitter, tag us at @taikocommunity and use your appropriate hashtag line somewhere in your post.

To share your stories via Facebook, private message us, or post it on our wall!


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