Taikothon 2015: Taikoppreciation

Taikothon 2015 was broadcast LIVE from Senshin Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles. Click here to watch feature taiko segments, performances, spontaneous taiko playing, and snapshots from the community: Taikoppreciation.

Taikothon 2015 pdf

Taiko-ppreciation Segments Solicited
This year’s theme is “Taiko-ppreciation”. We want to know about all the different things and people you are thankful for. Taiko has shaped many of our lives, in small and big ways, and we want to know about them. Your video can be short and sweet or up to 5 minutes. You can film yourself or get together with your friends!

Segment examples:

  • Shout-out to someone in the community that you appreciate!
  • Share your appreciation towards a taiko teacher and how they have impacted you!
  • Show-and-tell a story about what taiko has brought into your life (ex. old hachimaki, broken bachi, costume)!
  • Draw a picture or create a visual artwork about how you are thankful!
  • Share something you unexpectedly experienced because of taiko (ex. If it wasn’t for taiko, __(I wouldn’t have researched about powder coated tacks)__)!
  • Look back on the history of taiko, or your own personal history!
  • Talk about future opportunities you are looking forward to!
  • Tell us how taiko has changed and shaped your life!

Performance Video
Group performances were also aired during the show: professional gigs, practice, or even a set in progress.

Submission Deadlines:
“Taiko-ppreciation” segments due by Wednesday, November 11, 2015 .
Longer performance videos due by Wednesday, November 18, 2015.