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What is Taikothon?

Taikothon is a live multi-hour on-line event to showcase taiko.

When is Taikothon?

Taikothon is usually held in Fall during the annual TCA membership drive.

Who Hosts Taikothon?

TCA! Specifically, lively TCA volunteers plan, organize, and take the stage to host the event on Livestream.

Who Participates in Taikothon?

Everyone who wants to! Taikothon happens because 21st century technology allows taiko groups and taiko players anywhere to share videos, or to appear live, through the magic of Livestream.

TCA Taikothons

Hosted in San Jose, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, each Taikothon has had its own theme, team, content, and feel. Each taikothon provides insight into our amazing and special taiko community. Take a look!

Taikothon 2019  Dream Out Loud!

Taikothon 2018   Taiko Story: To 50 Years and Beyond!

Taikothon 2017   Then and Now: Celebrating 50 Years of North American Taiko

Taikothon 2016   Generation Taiko

Taikothon 2015   Taiko-ppreciation

Taikothon 2014   Taiko-thon

Taikothon 2013   Taikothon

The Taikothon Story

Taikothon began in 2013 as a virtual fundraiser to raise $50K and launch TCA as a member-supported organization. Sue and Ray Yuen hosted the event in their San Jose living room. Elise Fujimoto emceed the event and kept it moving forward with her energy and wit. Volunteers from Jun Daiko, Mountain View Buddhist Temple Taiko, San Jose Taiko, and Stanford Taiko brought food and provided the people power to acknowledge pledges of donations and commitments for charter memberships. Hundreds of taiko players responded: TCA was officially launched. The first Taikothon was an unqualified success and, since then, an annual TCA event.

How to get involved

Have your group submit a video clip, or sign up for a live segment. Contributions are solicited a few weeks prior to Taikothon. Be the first to know: Sign up for TCA e-news, watch TCA social media, or check the website for Taikothon announcements.

Volunteer for the Taikothon team. Help plan, organize, or host Taikothon. Contact membership@taikocommunityalliance.org to find out more about the Taikothon team.