#TaikoTuesday Insights: January

Throughout 2020, we’ll be asking questions on #TaikoTuesday with a goal of learning more about our taiko community. We hope you’ll feel inspired to share – who knows how many other people think like you or what new ideas you might find?

How will it work?

Each month, we’ll choose a theme and ask questions based around that theme. Want to participate? Follow us on Instagram and check out our stories on #TaikoTuesday to submit an answer to our question of the day, or keep an eye out on Facebook for questions posted on our page and in the Taiko Community group.

Have any questions?

We’d love to hear from you about what you want to know. Submit a question through our Contact page and you may see it pop up on a #TaikoTuesday in the future! And if you have any feedback about our #TaikoTuesday Insights, we’d love to hear about that, too.

Here’s what happened in January! This month’s theme was Routines and Resolutions. In addition to our Taiko Trivia Challenge, we asked 3 questions:

(1) What’s your 2020 taiko resolution?
(2) Do you have any pre-performance routines to get you in the zone?
(3) What’s your ideal pre-taiko fuel?

Here's What We Learned:

We have a community with goals that include self-care, self-discovery, growth, collaboration, and networking, just to name a few.

We’re a mixed bag of focusing on the performance ahead and distracting ourselves from it when it comes to pre-show routines.

We fuel ourselves with a wide array of foods, but there are definitely a few trends where sugar, carbs, and caffeine are concerned.

Stay tuned – we’ll be back with more questions next Tuesday!

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