TCA Announces Restructuring



The North American Taiko Conference (NATC) 2015 was a major accomplishment. As one of the strategic goals since TCA’s inception, it was successful in bringing the community closer together and a way to share our passion for taiko. The TCA is proud to have achieved such a great conference. Many thanks to all of our members and supporters!

However, the first TCA sponsored NATC did not produce the revenue expected, resulting in a change in TCA’s financial position. As such, TCA is reevaluating its organizational structure with a view to long-term financial sustainability. By mutual agreement, it has been decided that the Executive Director position will not continue beyond July 31, 2015. This date coincides with the conclusion of the NATC15 Coordinator contract position.

TCA will take this time to explore other organizational models, strengthen our infrastructure, and build capacity in order to continue delivering programming that best serves TCA members and the larger taiko community. We need to remember that TCA is still a young organization, subject to growing pains and challenging times. TCA appreciates your continued support and faith as we learn from this experience and build opportunity for growth.