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The Taiko Community Alliance – much like our taiko community – has continued to grow over the past year, despite the ongoing challenges this pandemic presents. With that growth, we’ve seen a growing need for resources, networking, and opportunities to connect. 

To help forge the connections between our community and the resources we need, TCA has begun expanding our Parter Program with the addition of new TCA Partners in 2021. TCA Partners are companies or individuals who offer benefits to TCA members, which may include discounted rates and special deals.

So, where can your TCA membership help connect you to the products you need? Whether you’re bolstering your taiko tee collection, learning Jack Bazaar (trust us – if you don’t tape your bachi, you’re going to need more bachi), or looking to add more sustainable products to your daily taiko ventures, TCA’s partners have you covered. See below for a full list of our current TCA Partners, including the two newest additions to the TCA Partner family: Taiko Colorado and Shack’s 3D Printing!

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(formerly Kollodiworks)

Introducing TCA's Newest Partners:

Taiko Colorado:
Taiko Colorado joined the TCA Partners family in Spring of 2021. While they create softline items like obi and bags, they primarily build drums and stands. Jim, the maker of the drums, sources locally for barrels of many sizes and works to build a customized taiko for YOU!

TCA Program Manager Kristina McGaha took her family to the drum building studio on Jim’s property to see all the cool instruments. The workshop, complete with comfy couch, allows for buyers to pick the finish, head details, and optional kan on their taiko. As you can see from her photos, Kristina spent her time geeking out at all of the amazing details Jim puts into his handiwork. And yes, her kids were small enough to fit inside of a few barrels.

Jim can ship worldwide or deliver to most places within the US, and often travels between California and Colorado; so, hand-delivery may be possible if your timeline is flexible on receiving your instruments.

Shack’s 3D Printing:
Justin Schackart, owner and print-master of Shack’s 3D Printing, is a newbie to the taiko community. He fell in love with taiko once he fell in love with someone who plays it. He quickly realized that the plastic- and resin-based prints he produces could fit in with the performance needs of taiko and our general geekery. His taiko Grogus were quite the hit last year in 2020, and he has offered prizes and auction items for all of TCA’s programs so far in 2021.

He decided to secure his support of taiko by becoming a TCA Partner in June 2021. He has a robust library of 3D files (like oni masks!) to use, but if there is a 3D file you like, email it to him and he can print that too.

Shack’s 3D Printing offers hand painting of prints for an additional fee, and ships worldwide (but there may be some international shipping requirements).

Asano Taiko U.S. is a full-service taiko (Japanese drum) facility in Torrance, CA offering a walk-in store, on-site taiko maintenance and repair, and hands-on taiko classes.


TCA Member Benefits: Please email Asano Taiko U.S. for all TCA Member discount inquiries. (taiko@asano.us)

(formerly Kollodiworks)

Reusable and sustainable lifestyle-friendly goods made from primarily Japanese fabrics. Sandwich wraps, insulated fukuro for lunch or makeup, cloth masks, handkerchief clutches, snack pouches, and utensil cases.

Shipping to all 50 states. Custom or Wholesale orders available.

2 NEW Items since NATC 19:
1) Cloth Napkins: Add a little beautiful sustainability to your table with these full size cloth napkins. Fabrics have been preshrunk with hot water wash and a hot dryer so they won’t warp in subsequent washes. Napkins are dinner size, approximately 18” by 18.” Generous ¾” folded edge with mitered corner details. Exceptional attention to detail makes these ideal for fancy occasions, but they are sturdy enough for everyday use.

2) Otedama Meditation Seat: The unusual shape of these meditation seats is inspired by the vintage bean bag game, Otedama. Otedama were nearly lost during WW2 because all the bags were opened to feed children the beans. The version of the game from my great-grandmother’s village was similar to modern day “jacks.” The seats are double layered and filled with triple filtered, organic, US grown buckwheat hulls. They measure approximately 15″ wide x 5″ high.


TCA Member Benefits: TCA Members may contact me to receive a coupon code for 10% off your order. Free shipping may also be possible with larger purchases. Check out some of the new products featured here (with pictures!).

Taiko gear made by taiko players, for taiko players… (And the people who love them.)


TCA Member Benefits: Please email for all TCA Member discount inquiries. (contact@taiko.biz)

TaikoCat apparel, accessories and artwork.
“DON worry, be happy!”

Based in San Jose, California. Can ship internationally.


TCA Member Benefits: TaikoCat offers a 15% discount to TCA members! Please inquire for a TCA coupon code directly to TaikoCat or email membership@taikocommunityalliance.org.

Handmade bags to carry all your taiko bachi in style.

Taiko Mom Bachi Bags are also available in person to purchase at Asano Taiko U.S.!

Shipping within the continental US. Please contact for inquiries about international shipping.


TCA Member Benefits: Please contact me for all TCA Member discount inquiries.

Taiko with Toni

Custom bags/totes for everything “taiko” – and almost anything else you want to pack and carry! Sturdy utilitarian totes that can be customized to fit your specific needs (and whims!). Standard designs or custom designs, your choice from a wide selection of colors. Please contact me for estimates, questions, concerns, suggestions – or just to chat!! I look forward to making a tote for you! (Taiko performances, workshops, and classes are also available!!)

Based in Denver, Colorado. Please contact me for shipping (US and international), and for local, US, and international classes and performances! 


TCA Member Benefits: TCA Members may contact me to receive an additional 5% off your order.

We offer professional-grade well-tuned Flutes (Shinobue and Shakuhachi). We also have student-level flutes (plastic and bamboo) as well. Offering with 40 years of experience: Taiko and Flute instruction, workshops – live or online. Instructional books on Shinobue and Shakuhachi available. CDs, Bachi, T-shirts, TAIKOZA merchandise available. We are dedicated to bringing high-quality items to the taiko community with correct tuning and pitch to make your study an easier journey. Choosing a flute is important.

Workshop instruction available in several languages: Japanese, German, French, Italian, and English. Workshops in person available worldwide. Choreography movement for Taiko piece available. Remote services available globally. Shipping for merchandise available worldwide.


TCA Member Benefits: TCA Members may email me to receive 10% off your order. The website also offers additional sales and specials throughout the year. (taikoza@gmail.com)

Los Angeles-based Tsugaru shamisen player and pin designer.

*This shop is temporarily closed and will reopen when merchandise is restocked.


TCA Member Benefits: Please submit a contact form on the website for all inquiries.

Shack’s 3D Printing is a printing service. Perhaps you have seen our taiko-playing baby Yodas floating around? Or the lightweight oni masks that are perfect for performing?

If you have a file or an object you would like 3D-printed, send it to us so we can get you a quote. We currently print in PLA, PETG, and Resin. We also offer custom painting of the 3D prints for an additional price.

Send email request to shacks3dprinting@gmail.com
Shack’s 3D Printing can ship all over the globe. Certain international locations may have higher shipping fees.

TCA Member Benefits: TCA Members may email me to receive an additional 10% off your order. (shacks3dprinting@gmail.com)

Based in Colorado Springs we make several types of Taiko from wine barrel staves built to custom creations based on your specifications. We also repair and re-head taiko and supply taiko group apparel and accessories.

Taiko Colorado is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Worldwide shipping available.


TCA Member Benefits: TCA Members may email me to receive an additional 10% off your order. (jim@taikocolorado.com)

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