Tech Team Hackathon

The TCA Tech Team held its first ever Hackathon September 26-30. Gathering from New York, Washington DC, and Hawai’i the Tech Team made their home in a huge house near the heart of  San Jose Japantown. Tech team members, Abena Oteng-Agipong, Elise Fujimoto, Josh Yoon, Linda Uyechi, Paul Sakamoto, Peter Spangler, Sarah Gilbert and Sue Yuen, worked together in “corporeal reality” while team members, Danny Hayman and Kate Walker, zoomed in from afar, and Qris Yamashita called in the style guide details from Los Angeles. Board members, Derek Oye and Ben Pachter, also zoomed in, and Rome Hamner dropped in to sample the warmth of the intimate TCA gathering.

The meeting was a success as the team’s work ensured the timely launch of the rebranded TCA websitem and pushed the planning for Taiko Census 2020 and TCA Self-Service options forward. Conversations were lively and progress was palpable. In-between hacking, the team got to visit Japantown landmarks, savor Japantown specials, Paul showed off his andagi (Okinawan donuts)-making skills, and Sarah produced a Taikothon gem.

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