Thank you everyone! We’ve matched our CAC Grant!

cac Matched

Thanks to your generosity, TCA has matched our California Arts Council Grant for 2016!  Our membership campaign has officially raised over $22,000 to date.

Earlier this year, TCA was one of 28 organizations in California to be awarded $21,050 as part of the Statewide and Regional Networks (SRN) Program from the California Arts Council.  The SRN program is rooted in the California Arts Council’s vision to nurture collaborative service organizations and networks that advance the arts and artists in the state. An arts service organization provides specialized, practical services to working artists, constituent organizations and cultural community. Collectively, these networks help to activate California Arts Council constituents, the arts community, stakeholders, and the public.

The funds are provided on a matching basis, and require organizations to raise funds in equal amount, matching the original award.  Thanks to the generosity of the larger taiko community, TCA has surpassed this goal, and looks forward to utilizing the funds to empower the people and advance the art of taiko in the coming year.

To view a complete listing of all Statewide and Regional Network grantees, visit

Our membership drive continues through December 10th!  JOIN or RENEW  YOUR TCA MEMBERSHIP TODAY!!