TCA Launch: Ways to Help


As we plan the TCA Launch Meeting, we need your help. Please add your voice through the Taiko Census and consider supporting the gathering with a donation.

Be Counted

Thank you for completing the first-ever Taiko Census. Your input is deeply appreciated and will help shape the future of the Taiko Community Alliance. Please help spread the word in your network about the census. Here’s a few easy ways to help:

  • Share it on Facebook
  • Download this flyer and post it at your next taiko practice.
  • Take your phone or iPad to practice and have people complete the census on the spot!

Before you leave, please also consider making a small donation to TCA.

Why donate?

The TCA Launch Meeting in August will cost approximately $15,000. This includes meeting facilitation, meals, supplies, and other expenses. The participants are chipping in $50 each to help cover these costs, and paying for their own housing and transportation — on top of devoting a whole weekend of their time towards this new initiative. For some of our taiko leaders, this means giving up gigs and teaching opportunities. Your contribution will help show your support for their efforts.

TCA is now responsible for the continuation of the North American Taiko Conference. The planning for NATC 2015 will begin immediately after the Launch Meeting. Your donations will help build a strong organization to carry on the legacy of this worthwhile event.

Everybody has hopes and dreams for this new organization, but none of that will be possible without funding. If we can prove to ourselves that our community is strong, and will support TCA into the future, we will start to dream BIG.

To move forward with the greatest success will require commitment from each of us. Just as a taiko ensemble requires many players on many drums to bring the full impact of taiko to the stage, TCA needs support from each of us to realize our full potential as a taiko community.

Although your donation will not be tax-deductible at this time, these initial donations will be very important in signaling how many people in the community are behind this effort. So no amount is too small. It will help generate momentum and eventually build TCA into a robust resource for the greater taiko community.

Thank you for your support!