TCA Launch: Timelining to NATC 15

During a working lunch period on Sunday, the Launch Meeting Participants split up into four groups, based on their primary interests:

  • TCA Organizational Issues
  • Planning for NATC 2015
  • Masters’ Retreat
  • Tech Resource Hub

The groups had approximately 1 hour to create a 2-year timeline leading up to August 2015. Each group was given a different color to post their milestones and tasks.


As expected, this session was much too short for creating an actual timeline with detailed tasks. However, the participants were given a chance to mark off major milestones leading up to August 2015.

pdf-iconTCA Timeline (as transcribed)

The transcribed timelines will now be interpreted by the Transitional Board members, and used to guide working committees who will implement these tasks. The process for this will be announced in mid- to late-September.

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