Transition Committee Completes Its Work

For more than 18 months, TCA’s Transition Committee has been instrumental in our development as a nonprofit organization. With the hiring of an Executive Director in 2014 and with the final approval by the Transitional Board of Directors of our revised By-Laws this past week, the Committee has successfully completed its purpose and will sunset.

Special thanks go to two people who have served as Chair of the committee, Shoji Kameda and Margaret McKenty. Thank you both for your vision, patience, and commitment to the process.

Our gratitude also goes to Transition Committee members Michelle Fujii, Roy Hirabayashi, Tyrone Nakawatase, Matt Ogawa, Steve Sano, and Wisa Uemura for your time, expertise and valuable contributions to the work of the Committee.

Congratulations to you all on a job exceptionally well done!   Bylaws can be requested via email to