What is leadership?

The definition of leadership:
Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes others’ efforts towards the achievement of a goal.

There are many paths to become a leader, and I believe that learning to be a better leader never ends. It is an ongoing journey that requires a beginner’s mind to understand how you can use what you learn for what you face today. It is essential to understand that to be a better leader is not just about learning to write a grant, financial report, or budget. Those are all skills that are required to help you manage and sustain your organization. Leadership skills go beyond management skills.

A good leader inspires others and is not there to impress others. In leadership, there is no room for ego. It is essential to focus on what is best for the entire group, not for yourself or part of the group. An admired leader does not boss everyone else around while sitting back and not helping. A respected leader is working side by side to help finish the work. A leader does not mean you are the one that is always out in front. Shared leadership creates a solid foundation for the organization.

Compassion and empathy are foundational points to become a better leader. Patience and listening lead to understanding and empathy to guide your decisions. Easy to say but challenging to do.

Derek Oye and I will be leading a TCA leadership course in 2021. The class will begin in March and end in October. We will combine our shared experiences and many respected taiko leaders in our community as guest speakers to examine leadership styles and challenges we face as leaders to help become a better leader. Better leaders will create more efficient organizations and a stronger taiko community.

Sessions would take place once a month on Saturday for 3 hours on Zoom. Here is a rough draft of the topics we will be covering:

  • Taiko History
  • Values and Group Culture
  • Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion
  • Group Dynamics and Team Building
  • Arts Industry: Organizational Management and the Multi-Cultural Arts Landscape
  • Balancing Artistic vs. Administrative
  • Community

More information and application forms will be available soon.

What is a taiko leader?
Join us in the TCA Leadership class in March 2021 to discover the answer. Learn from the experience to gain insight into what you do not know.

Roy Hirabayashi
TCA Advisory Council member
Co-founder of San Jose Taiko

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